This is a portfolio of some of the technology-related work that I've done.

Since August of 2003, I have been employed as a Senior Consultant at technology consultancy Gestalt LLC in King of Prussia, PA. Mainly, I am a software engineer focused on user interface programming and technical architecture. You can find out about some of the projects I've worked on for Gestalt in my resume. Lately, I've become (along with Gestalt as a whole) extremely interested in practical applications of Agile Methodologies for project management (e.g., SCRUM) and software engineering (e.g. "Test-Driven Development", Extreme Programming).

In June 2003, I graduated from Stanford University with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. My concentration was Human-Computer Interaction, which means that most of the course work for my degree was focused in areas of design and usability. You can find out more about the work I did during this time by clicking on the Academic link above. I received my BS in Computer Science, also at Stanford, in June of 1999.

In between my two degrees I worked as a consultant in a startup "eConsultancy" and participated in both its unrealistically enthusiastically great IPO and requisite eventual flameout and bankruptcy. My job title was "Consultant", but you could, if you wanted, by turns substitute any of these titles: "Grunt Coder", "Database Programmer", "Interface Designer", "Application Architect", "Handheld-based Application Expert", "Technical Lead", "Java/J2EE Mentor", "XSLT Tutor". You can find out a little bit about some specific projects I worked on during this time in my resume.

You can write to me at 'portfolio "at" grammar-rodeo "dot" net'. Thanks!

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